The Befriend Method Workshops

Come learn The Befriend Method live with Annachiara! Here you will get access to the most up to date version of the method.

These interactive workshops will teach you how to use this powerful method thoroughly to bring all of yourself back to unconditional love and turn your life around in the name of love. You will learn how to connect with your true self and access its unconditional love at will.

You will be guided to deal with negative emotions and feelings effectively. In fact, from now on you will use these negative energies as a lever to feel unconditional love while clearing up their toxic build-up!

You will unveil and melt away the limiting beliefs that are hindering your full enjoyment of life. Be ready to say goodbye to unpleasant bad memories, unhealthy behaviors and addictions, confusion and sense of disempowerment and even helplessness.

Unconditional love will heal you so deeply and thoroughly that you will feel invigorated with so much energy that is now free to flow through you to serve the creation of your best possible expressions.

The workshop will leave you empowered, clear, certain of your divine source, and equipped with the knowledge of how to access it at any time, expectant of a fabulous path ahead. You will get a hold of this transformational, self-help spiritual method that will practically show how you’ve got the most amazing power within you: unconditional love.

And for ongoing training and support, you will get access to The Befriend Method Newsletter that is only accessible to the workshops attendees and to the online course members. Here you will be always updated with news, tips, and you will be able to send any questions and comments about the method directly to Annachiara. In each newsletter there is a section dedicated to answering your questions.



When you sign up for this workshop, you will receive:

1. The Initiation to the Heart’s Secret Chamber : this is a sacred guided journey to the open the channel of unconditional love in your heart, valued at $33.33 FREE for you when you attend the workshop!

2. Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace : the .mobi or .epub ebook version of my book. This is the first manual of the Befriend Method packed with thirty exercises and a valuable complement to the workshop. The book sells at $19.99, but it is FREE for you here!

And, a surprise only for workshops attendees! You are entitled to an amazing 44% discount if you want to go the extra mile and get The Befriend Method Online Course too. This is for you if, after the workshop, you want to have full access to its great online course so you can keep studying the information, download the audios, follow each module at your own pace, and get access to the 8 guided special processes that you find here only. In case you want to add the online course to the workshop, please send us an email so we can make sure you get this huge discount. We will honor the discount even if you decide to add the course within a month of your attendance to a live workshop!

Workshop Fee

For info on the upcoming workshops in Toronto as well as to inquire about a workshop in your town or online and for workshop’s fees, please contact us.