Please enjoy Annachiara’s new Testimonials page and hear what her clients say about her services and products. Annachiara respects her clients’ privacy, so each testimonial is signed according to the client’s request.

The Befriend Method Online Course – 12/15/17
Dear Annachiara, Thank you so much for your Befriend Method Program. I have been aware that not loving myself is the reason for all my problems. Being aware but not knowing how to genuinely love myself has left me very frustrated. This program is truly amazing but don’t kid yourself. This is not a quick fix to all your problems. It takes work. Doing these exercises help you to release years of judging yourself as not good enough and once you have this method to learn to release destructive thought patterns, the process of loving yourself has begun. This will be the greatest gift anyone can give them self or a loved one because once you love yourself you will be surrounded only by friends who love and support you. You will have a job that supports you, pays you what you believe you are worth and your work colleagues will treat you with respect. You wouldn’t have it any other way. You will create a home that is large enough and comfortable enough for you your family to enjoy. When you love yourself everything works for you. Your life loves and supports you because you know you deserve it. I highly recommend The Befriend Method to give you the tools to learn to love yourself. – Grant (South Africa)

Spiritual Reading – 12/03/17
It is with great privilege that I leave this feedback for Annachiara. Yesterday, while in deep grief, I had my first session with Annachiara and it surely was one of the most powerful, loving, and healing sessions I have ever experienced in working with a spiritual intuitive. Her voice was instantly calming and my tears fell freely, with a clear purpose of cleansing as we connected. Annachiara instantly created safe space and began communication with my guides and angels. The messages were deeply felt, offering clarity and assurance not only to my mental and emotional bodies but heard/understood on soul level. I cannot thank Annachiara enough for sharing her time, her gifts, and her spirit in such a profound and meaningful way. I wholeheartedly suggest investing in a session with her. – Alysia (USA)

Spiritual Reading – 10/25/17
I just want to thank you for your help today. You have helped me think more clearly and understand that everything I feel in regards to my inner self and the relationship I have with God is real and for that I’m so grateful. We will be chatting again soon. God bless you and your family. – Peter (Canada)

The Befriend Method 1-on-1 private sessions – 10/10/17
I had some Befriend Method private sessions with Annachiara via Skype.  She helped me get closer to the root cause of pain and I think,  the cancer.  It is a method that you learn and can continue the healing process yourself.  Also helping you learn to become your own friend and learn to love yourself even more.  I highly recommend this if you are dealing with issues and want to get the root cause and hopefully heal them.  This is changing my life and I am grateful. – Connie (USA)

Spiritual Reading – 09/11/17
I had a couple angel readings done by Annachiara.  They were uplifting, positive and felt so accurate.  I felt very inspired and comforted by her reading. – C. P. (USA)

Book: Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace – 08/22/17
I read Annachiara’s book, Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace.  The book is very helpful in helping you get to the root cause of issues.  There are great exercises and meditation to help you.  It inspired me to do some sessions with Annachiara. – C.P. (USA)

Spiritual Reading – 08/14/17
What a meaningful reading – thank you so very much. I have continued to reflect on your well received words and thoughts these past 24+ hours. You’re so right – step by step – will work as I sort and meditate and find my passion and enthusiasm again. As I take time to absorb your thoughts – I will keep you in my mind and prayers. Thank you so much for your time. – K.K. (USA)