Spiritual Intuitive Consulting

This is a mentorship program where Annachiara will guide you with her expertise and intuition to support your spiritual and personal growth.

The aim of living a spiritually oriented life is for us to live in alignment with our spirit and soul, adhering to our core values, expressing our highest potential, and create a life of harmony, balance, truth and beauty.

This menthorship is taylored to meet each client’s needs and goals and it is offered only to individuals who are serious and committed about taking their life to a whole new level.

The following are common issues addressed in this program:

find clarity in your self-discovery journey and investigate areas such as your life purpose, how to live a spiritually oriented life, why we are here, etc.

learn to feel good about yourself no matter what happened, restoring your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth

get rid of confusion in a situation

release negative beliefs that keep you stuck

break through self-sabotage patterns

find meaning in a crisis or a transition you are going through (such as a separation, the loss of a loved one, a change of career, conflicts in relationships) and be well equipped to move on with eagerness to your next life phase

explore new ways of communication to improve your relationships (including with yourself!)

 create life on your terms

✓ and much more!

Annachiara is fully committed to your spiritual evolution and she will do her best to share with you all she can to benefit your journey. She can help you shift your limiting beliefs and offer a fresh perspective that will empower you to move on clearly and confidently. She has an easy-going style of communicating which usually makes her clients feel comfortable and safe right away. She loves to nurture and support her clients to the best of her abilities sharing all she can to help them.

These sessions are dynamic and interactive. Her aim is to provide you with the best skilled, professional guidance for you to gather your own resources and wisdom so you will be able to proceed successfully. Having someone like Annachiara on your side, who believes in you and sees your potential will support your progress immensely. With your full engagement, the results will be astonishing!

Please write her a message with your inquiry. She’ll be in touch with you and will design a unique program to benefit you to the most.

Service Fees

This mentorship program is tailored to meet each person’s different needs and goals. The sessions can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes each and the frequency can vary too, usually it is weekly or bi-monthly. Price depends on each special package features. Payments plans are available.