The Initiation to the Heart’s Secret Chamber

written and guided by Annachiara

This is not a meditation but a true spiritual initiation. The special codes that you receive during the initiation will enable you to access your Higher Self and its unconditional love easily. Although not a mandatory requirement to use The Befriend Method, going through this initiation will support and speed up your results. However, even if you don’t want to learn The Befriend Method, you can still take advantage of these energetic codes to enhance your connection to your Higher Self.

This sacred journey is deeply mystical, filled with symbols and secrets that will reawaken your soul.

You will have to repeat this process three times over a seven-day period, as outlined in the introduction to this audio. Doing so will allow the codes to access and harmonize the most profound recesses of your being bringing forth spiritual healing and gifts of unconditional love to your entire life. Then, you can listen to the audio as often as you wish to.

Audio length: intro 4:30, initiation track 36:56


Price: Canadians $33.33 + tax, International US$33.33