The Befriend Method Online Course

Within these seven videos, subdivided into thirty-two modules, you will be gradually trained to gain profound insights on your spiritual truth as you are immersed in the method. Everything is outlined clearly, step by step and in great detail. Plus, you receive…

Inner Journeys Series Guided Meditations

written and guided by Annachiara

The guided meditations in this series are true mystical, inner journeys meant to bestow a windfall of spiritual gifts upon you. These meditations are packed with symbols that will propel your consciousness to a higher level. Beyond that, each delivers specific results and they are a delight to listen to… plus, very relaxing!


The Real Source of Abundance

This meditation will take you on a spectacular adventure where you will be made aware once again of what the real source of abundance is, which is way wider than just material abundance. Your Higher Self will be in charge of clearing from you all blockages to your abundance.

The Inner Child

Our inner child is pure, innocent energy that provides us with bountiful creativity. This energy is delicate. When our inner child is wounded by lower energies and harsh experiences, we lose or diminish our zest for life and our creative powers.

The Resentment Disintegrator

This guided inner journey will make your heart feel free again from the heavy toll that resentment has laid upon it. When we harbor resentment, in fact, our capacity to love is restricted; the bigger the resentment, the lesser love flows through us.

The Freedom of Responsibility

This meditation helps you see what responsibility really is, that is the ability we have to respond. In this light, responsibility leads you to own your inner power, and be free. This guided meditation will take you deep within to meet your inner source of power and be reconnected to it.

You Are Special and Amazing

Taking this inner journey is a unique way for you to meet your Higher Self, and let it remind you of the truth of who you are. If your self-esteem and self-confidence need awakening… this meditation will be your perfect companion.

The Initiation to the Heart’s Secret Chamber

written and guided by Annachiara

The Initiation to the Heart’s Secret Chamber

This is not a meditation but a true spiritual initiation. The special codes that you receive during the initiation will enable you to access your Higher Self and its unconditional love easily.

Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 wisdom seeds to turn your challenges into opportunities

This book will help you maintain a positive attitude, especially while facing a problem or crisis.

Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace

This is the first manual for The Befriend Method. It will teach you how to love and support yourself unconditionally by making your Higher Self your best friend.

B27: An Alter Self Experience of Unconditional Love

Find here the mind-blowing account of how during a past-life regression, Annachiara found herself in the body of an ascended master from another dimension.

The Magic Rainbow and the Missing Color

This tale is the story of a magic rainbow that had a ray stolen by a monster from a nearby planet. Will the rainbow’s friends be able to help bring the missing color back home?