Meet your guardian angels

This is the right service for you to get connected to your guardian angel – or guardian angels – to know their names and the special support they are here to offer you, consciously partner with them, as well as also ask questions regarding your life journey.

What are Guardian Angels?

Culturally, guardian angels are often represented like baby angels because of their utmost purity. However, there is not a baby angel out there somewhere that tries its best to guard over us. They are actually a special vibration within our pure spirit that is assigned to our soul to support its evolutionary journey.

Your guardian angel is a sphere of pure angelic light tuned up to the perfect, ideal archetypal expression of what your soul intends to become during this lifetime. Angels are messengers of God, or Divine Source. They represent a very special hue of Divine Energy that imparts the perfect vibration of one, or a unique combination, of the Divine qualities we are here to express in our life. To be able to express these qualities, we have to integrate them by becoming them. For example, if one of your main missions is for you to incarnate compassion, then you will be assigned a guardian angel that carries the perfect God-like vibration of compassion.

You might have one or more guardian angels with you. They act just like a diapason that helps fine-tune a musical instrument to its perfect note. Guardian angels are not separate from us, they are very special energies within our energy field that are active, dynamic, and absolutely pure. They are there to make sure that we do not lose our way to a sense of separation from Source and the many distractions and pulls toward the superficial, disconnected way of life that we face while living on earth. Our guardian angels are protective energies, there to ensure that we stay on track, just like a guardrail won’t let our cars go off the road. Only in highly charged situations can they divinely intervene to assist us.

The Benefits of Connecting with Your Guardian Angels

These highly protective, personally-dedicated spheres of light contain the keys to our evolution. It is possible to connect with them and receive their guidance on how we can more precisely align to them, ensuring that we live fine-tuned to true love, and true purpose, spiritually oriented to make the most of our beautiful lives.

I have learned to contact guardian angels, know their names, and feel their special energies. Their names sound like nothing I have ever heard in a human language, at least from what I know. They sound and feel so beautiful, sacred, and powerful to me! They awaken deep within your soul a sense of belonging and higher love. By calling their names and fine-tuning to their pure energies, you can receive guidance and support, and even ask whatever question you want to find clarity or resolution for. I will translate their information for you. They can tell you what would serve you best in this precise time of your life to stay aligned with your mission. Your guardian angels also make you feel comforted and protected. Every divine, pure hue of energy is protective because it stems from Source Energy, of which core essence is only unconditional love.

I offer this service via email only. In fact, to meet your guardian angel(s), I go in a profound meditation where I connect with you, usually through your name and date of birth, and then I am introduced to your guardian angel(s).  I can now retrieve all the information that will be of great value to be aware of at this point in your life, you may send me a few questions to ask as well, and if I have time left, I will go ahead and get their answers for you to as many as this session’s time allows. You can always schedule more time with me later to dive into more questions, if you so wish. Please contact me here to book your session today!

Service Fee

This is a one time service: Canadians $244.00 + tax. International clients US $244.00.

Should you have more questions to ask your guardian angels, whether at this time or later on, you can just book a Spiritual Reading!