About Annachiara

Annachiara is an Italian-Canadian spiritual messenger and healer. She faced many challenges in her own life which she overcame thanks to her deep spiritual connection. In her long journey of self-discovery she learned how to be all of herself honoring her special gifts and owning her power. Her spiritual experiences led her to create simple yet extremely potent tools of personal transformation in order to live a fulfilling, meaningful life. She teaches you to access your unique gifts and heal yourself from inside out.

The uniqueness of Annachiara’s spiritual and psychic abilities enables her to help you in the unfolding of your own potential, detecting and breaking apart what is hindering you and which way to point for you to be YOU, free and empowered. She can help you know what your soul wants to expand into for your own spiritual evolution.

You see, all of her work is meant to support you in finding your power and own it so that you can learn to trust your inner voice and live your life from inspiration. She is really good at helping others connect to their true self and live from their inner truth. Your power is the creative force of life, the unconditional love at your very core and the freedom to be who you want to be. When you will align to it, all obstacles will start dissolving. This is the path to true expansion, the one that your soul is seeking to express in this lifetime. The spiritual guidance that Annachiara receives while offering her services, as well as in all of her products, will enlighten you on how to dare to dream your dreams and become that which you dream to be!

Annachiara is on a global mission to support others in becoming whole through the power of unconditional love.

A natural born spiritual intuitive, psychic, and medium, she uses her gits to help her clients by offering them precious insights. She is a spiritual messenger and a writer of books on spirituality and personal growth.

In recent years, Annachiara has been spiritually guided to create The Befriend Method, a spiritual self-help tool for emotional flow that dissolves negative emotions, re-integrates all our lost soul bits, and brings everything back to unconditional love. This method ultimately allows us to befriend our true self.

Annachiara holds diplomas and certifications in the following disciplines: Angel Therapy Practitioner*; Strategic Intervention Coaching (Core 100 Coaching, Total Breakthrough Coaching, Passion Patterns Coaching, Working with Women Coaching, The Goddess Project Coaching, Ultimate Relationships Program) for a total of 350 hours; Masunaga Shiatsu; Cranio-Sacral Level 1 & 2; Usui and Tibetan Master Reiki. She is Master in several other Reiki forms and is also skilled in Chakra Healing, Dream Work, and Meditation.

The rich Italian art and culture of her origins influenced her greatly and she is a spiritual artist who uses oil on canvas to paint the holographic multidimensional energies of the cosmos. Please visit her art gallery at www.artannachiara.com.