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This is Annachiara Simonetti, author, founder of The Befriend Method, spiritual messenger and healer.

I am so thrilled to have you here and I look forward to connecting with you!

I am an expert in supporting people on their spiritual path so they can feel empowered and deeply connected to our source of unconditional love.

Spiritual Readings

Sometimes it seems hard to connect to your inner guidance and find your way. In those times, the spiritual messages are a wonderful instrument for you to receive guidance and find clarity.

Meet your guardian angels

This is the right service for you to get connected to your guardian angel – or guardian angels – to know their names and the special support they are here to offer you.

Spiritual Intuitive Consulting

This is a mentorship program where Annachiara will guide you with her expertise and intuition to support your spiritual and personal growth. The aim of…

The Befriend Method 1-on-1 Sessions

In these intimate sessions with Annachiara, she will skillfully teach you how you can apply the method to your personal life, even amongst your toughest issues.

The Befriend Method Workshops

These interactive workshops will teach you how to love ALL of yourself unconditionally so your life can be an amazing journey in the name of love. You will…

The Befriend Method Online Course

Within these 7 videos, subdivided into 32 modules, you will be gradually trained to gain profound insights on your spiritual truth as you are immersed in the method.

Inner Journeys Series Guided Meditations

The guided meditations in this series are true mystical, inner journeys meant to bestow a windfall of spiritual gifts upon you.

The Initiation to the Heart’s Secret Chamber

This is not a meditation but a true spiritual initiation. The special codes that you receive during…

Annachiara’s Books

These books aim to inspire and to empower her audience. They are filled with new insights that will guide the reader to a deeper understanding on practical spirituality.