There is a special place in the heart, a sacred chamber.
This is where love becomes unconditional,
where all fear is dissolved, where all obstacles are melted down,
where you meet your spiritual power, and you know who you are in Truth.
I can show you how to get there. Welcome home.



It is such a beautiful synchronicity that you found me, as it is not by chance that you are here now.

I am Annachiara* Simonetti, I am here to serve the Divine Love of All There Is by sharing my talents and skills to remind and to show you how to re-establish and strengthen the connection to who you really are.

I firmly believe that we are all meant to create and live joyful, fulfilling lives where we enjoy and share the blazing beauty of our God given gifts. I also believe that it is unnatural to be disconnected from our Higher Self and its pure love.
My mission is to remind you to honor your true Self, so that you can let your beautiful colors shine brightly and make the world sparkle a little bit more!

*(my first name is pronounced An-na-kee-a-ra)


”Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace”
Private Sessions

In these sessions I offer you all my experience and guidance on how you can turn into your own best friend and connect to your Higher Self. Its unconditional love will help you integrate all those feelings, thoughts, circumstances and anything else that you are having a hard time with and that, for any reason, known or yet unknown, you are still resisting. Resistance is just the opposite of acceptance, and by resisting something we make it bigger, we keep being stuck in it, and we create more suffering in our life. By learning how to welcome it instead, you will experience firsthand the wonder of seeing issues loosen up and even dissolve. You will get to love and know yourself in an unprecedented way. As a result of that, you will also notice how much more peaceful you feel inside and how much more joy this will start to bring out in you. The ultimate experience of my “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace” method is when you know with all of your being that you are part of the Source of Unconditional Love. You will feel supported, guided and cared for. You will see how these subtle changes will start to reflect in your outer life too. You will become much more present and aware and you will go for a higher level of integrity now that you begin grasping who you really are.

In my private sessions, be certain that I will give you my undivided attention. Here I can grant you full privacy for you to share your most personal challenges. I will teach you how to turn those challenges around in ways that you could easily mimic by yourself after our session. Ready to book your first session now? You can do it here.

”Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace”
Group Workshops

In my workshops I offer the teachings presented in my book “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace” in a dynamic way. I will share with you my path to discovering this amazing method of liberation and reconciliation with all of yourself through unconditional love. The workshop will be conducted in a dynamic way where all participants are invited to share something specific they would like to find resolution with and I will guide them in how to effectively befriend themselves in order to open up to new solutions to spontaneously present themselves. We will also have plenty of fun as this really is a process that invites lots of joy in. By witnessing the many different examples brought up by a miscellaneous audience, rest assured that for every story shared we will all find (yes, me too!) a resonance to our personal life that will prove useful for us as well.

As an ultimate bonus, in my workshops I share my latest findings about my method, so you will be hearing of things that are not in my book, and some of which will be in fact part of my next books!

To know more about upcoming live events, please contact us here.

Spiritual Coaching

This is my most inclusive service. Here you can share with me things like: a crisis you are facing, something you want to reach in your life and need help with, an area of your life where you would love to see improvement, finding your life purpose, discovering more meaning in your life, transitioning to a more spiritual career based on your personal talents, a deeper understanding you are striving to reach and would benefit from new empowering perspectives about, a transition that you are having a tough time going through, and much more!

Coaching is a dynamic, interactive process that is aimed at providing you with plenty of skilled, professional support for you to find the way to gather your inner resources and wisdom and move forward successfully. You will gain access to your personal power and learn ways to establish an ongoing connection to your own power. I will show you how to have this connection always available and how to let your inner guidance inspire you. I will be there to support you all along this path and I will make sure to share with you all my valuable tools and expertise to help you live a more spiritually based life. If you are ready to commit right here and now to give the sparkle in your heart the room it needs to become an amazing light, you can e-mail me here.

My Spiritual Coaching Private Sessions are flexible and tailored to your personal situation. Although sudden shifts and breakthroughs are very frequent in my sessions, coaching is an ongoing process and it does take some time for change to be sustained consistently. I have several Spiritual Coaching Packages and I will suggest the best one to fit your personal needs. With your full engagement the results will be beyond amazing!

Spiritual Intuitive Messages

Since I can remember, I have had an ease of connection to the spiritual world, through nature and angels at first. In my spiritual journey I have been blessed with countless, extraordinary experiences that have greatly enhanced my intuition and my trust in the spiritual realm of divine consciousness. My natural curiosity and openness to different realities are my compass to explore the spiritual world more and more. Its fascination continuously generates many questions within me, many more than I have answers for.

In my search and quest, I have found that help is always available for us, if only we ask for it and are willing to listen to it. Our Higher Self, which is the Divine part of who we are, has at all times a full view of our life and, being part of the divine omniscient mind, has all the answers we are looking for in every moment.

In this reading you can ask for specific questions about yourself and your own life or go for a general reading. The readings offer a deeper awareness of where you are in life, how to gain a spiritual understanding of an aspect you need more clarity about, and what lies ahead in terms of your spiritual growth. The messages are always positive and life affirming. You will find their guidance to shed light for you to more easily and confidently move forward with your life journey.

My Spiritual Intuitive Readings are done remotely via e-mail. You have an option to go for the 30 or 60 minute session. To book your session, please contact me here.

Angels Intuitive Messages

I have come to know Angels and Archangels as beings of extraordinary beauty and purity. To me they are part of what we call God or the Divine Mind that permeates our consciousness, and they each represent a specific quality of God in its purest essence. These magnificent beings are able to help us with anything we may ask them to. We can certainly invite them to be a more and more active part of our lives. Ascended Masters are beings in spirit form that were once incarnated on Earth and have at some point ascended (like Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, Quan Yin, Saint Germain, and others from every spiritual tradition whose names are known or not). They are still available to us in the spiritual realm and they are willing to guide us upon our request. Spirit Guides are beings that might have been previously incarnated, or spirit beings from the various aspects of nature, or beings from other dimensions that want to offer guidance for us to gain a deeper understanding.

The Angels Intuitive Messages are a wonderful way to get to know about your Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. We are never alone in our life journey. In fact, we do have special helpers in spirit form that are there to serve us and protect us the whole time. Getting to know them and hearing what life enhancing messages they may have for us, is a beautiful adventure. We can ask them specific questions about our life, we can ask who our guardian angels and spirit guides are, or just go for a general reading.

Every reading is unique in terms of who will offer the guidance, depending on what is needed for the consultant in a given session. You can trust though that the guidance is always positive and reassuring and that these spirit guides all come from and work for Divine Light.

My Angels Intuitive Messages are done remotely via e-mail. You have an option to go for the 30 or 60 minute session. To book your session, you can contact me here

Resources hearder

My books

I have always loved writing! I find writing is a wonderful way for me to express my best inspirations and to share those with a large audience.

In my books, you will find fresh ideas on how to see things from new perspectives. My books will guide you to open up more and more to your magnificent inner world. They will help you understand how you can use anything you experience to go deeper into your heart and become a better person. You will learn a brand new method that will teach you how to connect to your Higher Self and live your life following its precious guidance.

No matter where you find yourself today in your life and its circumstances, you can start right now to make visible improvements by using the suggestions and the exercises detailed in my books. They will help you find the way to feel peace in your heart and to joyfully express the beauty that is in you!


Book 2 cover_english

“Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace” will teach you how to love and support yourself unconditionally by turning into your own best friend and feeling peace inside. Rich with powerful, practical exercises to bring you back to your inner Source of Love.
Buy it now on Amazon or on Kindle .


Book 2 cover_english

“B27: an alter self experience of unconditional love” is going to blow your mind on how you can spiritualize your love relationship so that you and your other half will be a gift to each other’s evolution. B27 will also let you gain a new insight on how loving and cooperative our universe really is and on a more expansive concept of the soul. A breathtaking read that will help your heart spread open. Buy it now on Amazon or on Kindle .

“Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 wisdom seeds to turn your challenges into opportunities” will help you maintain a positive attitude, especially during a problem or crisis. The wisdom seeds will make your life more beautiful and more joyful.
Buy it now on Amazon or on Kindle .



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My Interview


Who is Annachiara

Annachiara Simonetti is an Italian-Canadian truth seeker that has been studying, searching and practicing spirituality, personal growth, and energy healing for almost twenty years, with the focus on how to live a more joyful and purposeful life which could include the Source of Life in all daily matters.

Over twelve years, she has practiced different disciplines such as Shiatsu, Reiki, Cranio-sacral, chakras healing, meditation, dreams work, and spirituality. Eventually she became intrigued with how we create our own reality. She dived into ancient and modern traditions to grasp the concepts of mind over matter. She explored the fascinating, mind-shifting Strategic Intervention Coaching. Finally she extensively explored working with Angels and Archangels.

Annachiara has come to intimately and profoundly know how the power of Divine Love is the strongest powers of all. In her inner work, she has been receiving guidance on how she could find the answers to her deepest questions by investigating the power of unconditional self-love through the connection to her Higher Self.

After a long quest, she has been able to come up with a new self-help method like nothing else that is “out there”. “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace” is a brand new approach aimed at connecting a person to their Higher Self through unconditional love in such a way that they can re-integrate all of their identities, their stories, back to love. This method is simple to apply and absolutely amazing when it comes to the results it delivers. This new process of soul retrieval is much needed in our world today. Through its use, she has come to experience a level of deep peace, pure joy, and the feeling and knowing of being undoubtedly connected to her Divine Source. Her sincerest desire is to teach how to “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace” to as many people as possible so that they too can be much more joyful and peaceful beings for the creation of a better humanity.

Annachiara is unshakably convinced that if she could be transformed so much by this beautiful method, so can any other serious seeker of the truth that sincerely and consistently apply it.

Annachiara holds diplomas and certifications in the following disciplines: Angel Therapy Practitioner*; Strategic Intervention Coaching (Core 100 Coaching, Total Breakthrough Coaching, Passion Patterns Coaching, Working with Women Coaching, The Goddess Project Coaching, Ultimate Relationships Program) for a total of 350 hours; Usui and Tibetan Master Reiki. She is also Master in: Abundance/Prosperity Reiki, Akashic Reiki, Archangel Raphael Reiki, Celtic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Excalibur Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Owl Empowerment Reiki, Unicorn Healing Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki; Masunaga Shiatsu; Cranio-Sacral Level 1 & 2.


Write to Annachiara

I’m thrilled to be able to guide you and to support you in your spiritual development. I really care about you and, in my sessions, I always strive to do all I can to contribute to your journey towards wholeness. I promise you that in our appointments I will distill for you the very best of my skills and present knowledge to be there for you while you learn powerful ways of spreading your own wings and shining your true colors.

Please read carefully through my Services page and see if you can determine how I can be of service to you. And if you feel uncertain about it, please do not hesitate to e-mail me with a brief summary with your inquiry. I will be in touch with you as soon as I am able to and I will suggest to you what I believe is the best path to take.

I look forward to meeting you and witnessing your stunning transformation!

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